Your life, our responsibility!

responsabilitatea noastraDVT and institutionalized youths are meeting on Saturday to spend some time together as a family!

To us, our duty is our promise. And our duty is to offer institutionalized children a chance to a better life, through the means of nonformal education. Thus, starting today, Saturday, the 19th of October, we began to conduct our first activities within the realm of nonformal education involving institutionalized youths.

A first day came to an end at the pilot Youth Center, a wonderful day that we spent learning and playing at the personal development workshop by Vișinel. The weekends to come will be full of surprises and activities of which we will let you know more when the time comes.

What we can tell you right away is that we’re trying hard to schedule interactive workshops on various subjects and difficulty levels every weekend. The schedule is a flexible one, because we wish for all those participating to be as relaxed as possible and to feel encouraged to communicate and to act. Our activities will mainly take place on Sundays.

Seeing that today was the first time we met the children from D.G.A.S.P.C. Sector 4, we would like to give back to you some of the joy that we’ve experienced among them and the fulfillment that we felt seeing how they chose to spend their time with us. Their life is our responsibility and we are doing our best for them to put to good use the knowledge that they acquire.

Our main goal is to have in the future one of this youngsters come back to us, after having left child care, and tell us how it feels to have your own family and your own work place or business; to share with us how good it feels to live as everybody else, fulfilled professionally and personally.

In the same time, we would very much appreciate your support. Any kind of involvement from your side means the world to those of us in Desenăm Viitorul Tău, and even more to the children.

Our thanks head towards D.G.A.S.P.C. sector 4, our main partner in this project of personal development for institutionalized youths.

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