Visinel (1)mare1“We’ve been created out of LOVE, we answer with LOVE”

We often wonder what our purpose is here on Earth. The moment that I became self aware and acknowledged the people surrounding me I started to love and I strongly believe that nothing is possible in this Universe without LOVE. Maybe what I’m saying sounds utopian, but I believe that once we come into existence in this world we have a very clearly defined role which must be accomplishment. If we don’t realize our own worth here and now we can not enjoy fulfillment, we can only complain and burden others with our misfortune. We have to be the initiators and perpetuators of good deeds and act positively in this Universe. No one can change you, just as you can’t change anyone. You are the only change, through what you do and how you act.

Don’t ever forget to find joy in everything this Universe gives you.


  1. Dear Visinel,

    I read your interview in the Guardian and was deeply moved. I believe the Draw Your Own Future project is a great initiative and I wanted to reach out to you to see if a project I am working on might be interesting to you. is a platform where children meet to share and talk about the artwork they have created. Our aim is to nurture creativity and connect 1 million children from around the world. Also part of our manifesto is that we would like to raise awareness of global issues.

    I wonder if you might be interested in speaking with us about this and how we might help your organisation to use our platform? It’s completely free to use and we’d be happy to support you to set up an account.

    Many kind regards


  2. I read The Guardian article about you and your organisation. As a graduate student, I have little funds to donate right now. However, as soon as I am able, I will do so. I think you are an inspiration to both children and adults.

    Take care.

    With much respect,

  3. Dear Team at Desenam Vittorul Tau:
    As I read the article in the Guardian, I remember quite clearly reading about the issues surrounding the children in Romanian orphanages and I often wondered what has happened to them. Upon reading your story I felt such deep emotions about your resilience and the resilience of your family and many others in the same situation.
    I live in Canada and also in Brazil and I see how things are among poor people and their children.
    I want to take this chance to thank you all for the work you do to bring my other brothers an sisters to have a chance to educate themselves and become independent thinkers and control their own lives.
    Yes, I believe humanity is one and what happen to you so far away, affects me too. I feel very touched by human suffering and I bring myself, to do things to minimize suffering.
    In Brazil I have planted a big garden to give vegetables to my neighbours. I live in a poor neighbourhood and people don’t have much access to nutritional aliments.
    Here is a video of the garden:

    Gardening, herbalism, alternative medicine and bioenergetic treatments is what I have to offer to my neighbours with the help of God, to bring good results to some.

    Anyways, I would love to help your organization to create gardens galore in order to offer some nutritional options to those in need.
    You and your brother have done well by your own efforts and I congratulate you both and the team of volunteers that joined in your efforts.

    I would pay my own way to help create gardens in empty lots. I am retired in a small pension, full of joy and also interested in making the world a better place. I am vegetarian and like very much to grow plants.
    Well great team, may God bless you in all your endeavours,
    Please let me know if there is anything I can help with,
    May God bless you all,

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