I, You, He and She – We stand up for ourselves! Press release

Association “ We Draw your future!”( Desenăm Viitorul Tău) in partnership with other two Associations “Life Education for All” and “Federeii – Association of Adults from Children’s Homes” are implementing form January until May 2016 the project” I, You, He and She – We stand up for ourselves!”. Continue reading “I, You, He and She – We stand up for ourselves! Press release”

Orphans holiday!

Copiii in vacantaDo you remember your childhood?

Today, August 8, 2015, We Draw Your Future team along with children from the HOME Center from the METROPOLIS Foundation spent their Saturday in Herastrau Park. What have we done? … Initially we walked by boat then we played and finally at a request of a child we went to a bicycle area. We borrowed a bike for each one and began to roam the park . Vişinel Balan, president of the association, was the instructor for the prevention of accidents, reason why the adventure was even more thrilling. Copiii in vacanta1We realized that we were thirsty and we rushed over a kiosk and served ourselves with ice cream. It was not long and we received, from a group of young people, one free cola :). After 4 hours of adventure in  Herăstrău park, at the children proposal, we retired to KFC.

Feedback from kids: Be sure to organize such trips in the future. We had a good time :).

We promised them that we will organize at least once a month such a trip.

The trip was sponsored by Iulia Lang, a Romanian established in the UK.