Partnership for the future of the children from “Înger Alb” Child Care Center!

Cartoon-House-and-ChildrenChild's drawing of their houseThis month, our organization signed a partnership with “ÎngerAlb” Child Care Center, which will allow us to organize various nonformal education workshops with the children.

Our first encounter with the children from ÎngerAlb took place right on Christmas Day, when Vișinel, Anca, George and Cătalin played the part of Santa Claus for no less than 16 children. The bond created between the children and us, that rapidly consolidated, made us wish for this collaboration to span year round, not just for the holiday season.

Therefore, the first regular meetings started on the 18th of January and have taken place every two weeks ever since. Among the activities that we began to conduct, we recall: theater evenings, workshops for stimulating creativity and reasoning, dance workshops, painting classes, et cetera.

So far, we made it to our 3rd meeting, and the bond between the children and us is strengthening more and more, as we confess to have wished for.  For that we have to give special thanks first and foremost to our vicepresident, Anca Cujbă, for both overseeing the signing of the agreement, as well as coordinating the project..

Also, we would like to take this opportunity to let you know that in the future our activities will cease to take place in the space we so hard struggled to open. We’ve been compelled by the circumstances to look elsewhere for a place to hold our meetings, in order to avoid creating any kind of inconveniences to the neighbors. Until we reach a final solution, George Scarlat managed to obtain a class room from P.T.T.R. high school, where future meetings with the children will take place.

Other than this tiny inconvenience, we are pleased with the fruits of our work and with the fact that we continue to have more and more friends and supporters.

Very warm greetings to everybody,

the DVT team

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