Nonformal education – a strong pillar in the lives of youths!

kids-funDVT (“Drawing Your Future”) initiated at the beginning of  2014 a new campaign – „Învață-mă să învăț (“Teach me to learn”) . Our project brings together children from Bucharest’s social housing apartments and people from the community, to learn from each other. The project receives funding courtesy of  “Mega Image Community Fund”, administered by Fundatia Comunitara Bucuresti.

The purpose of the initiative is to blend nonformal education with the pleasures of socializing and fulfillment of offering much needed help and support. Thus, it is our hope that the academic results of institutionalized children would in time improve, boosting their self esteem and making them more confident in their own abilities.

Also, we would like to raise community awareness on the type of obstacles that institutionalized children have to face on a daily basis and to offer opportunities for those interested in getting involved in their both personal and academic development.

The beneficiaries of the project are 40 children from the social housing apartments of the Department of Child Care and Social Services, within the administrative sectors of Bucharest 3, 4 and 6, aged between 7 and 18 years old.  They will be joined by 20 volunteers, students and pupils, eager to get involved in children’s education. An important partner in this effort is Bucharest Metropolitan Library, helping us get close to the community harbouring the social housing apartments.


Stefania Voichin“You can do anything, you can think of everything, you can believe anything, you can have the entire world’s science – if you don’t love you are nothing.

” Love is for me the ultimate feeling in this society filled with selfishness, individualism and madness. I urge everyone to be better people, give more and keep their smile always on their lips.

Enjoy every event, every moment of your lives and love as much as you can.