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Backup_of_Untitled-1Drawing Your Future in Nonformal Education!
Towards the end of this week, DVT (“Drawing Your Future”) launched the project “Drawing Your Future in Nonformal Education”, with a press conference that took place at the Bucharest Students’ Cultural House.

Through those invited at the event, there were members and volunteers of DVT, journalists from IQool magazine, representatives of the association of the local police forces in Bucharest, supporters/media partners and other people who are passionate about nonformal education that answered positively to our call launched through the medium of online social networking channels.

The three speakers at the press conference were the organization’s president and the two vicepresidents. Vișinel Balan (president) underlined the purpose, objectives, parties involved and the general unfolding of  DVTEN (“Drawing Your Future in Nonformal Education”). As those involved in the project would be institutionalized youths, youths from ordinary family backgrounds, representatives of 6 NGOs and representatives of 6 public institutions, Virgil Balan (vicepresident), as a professional psychotherapist, talked about the benefits of such an initiative, explaining the emotional and psychological background of an institutionalized child, compared to other children. Anca Cujbă, the organization’s second vicepresident, shared her experience in working with youths in the two projects already conducted (“Their lives, our responsibility” and the partnerships with “ÎngerAlb” child care center), as well as her motivation to get involved in volunteering work, urging us there, but in the same time appealing to all the other members of civil society in Romania, to take part in different activities by means of which we can make a difference into our communities.

In the aftermath of the conference, we debated in great detail the steps that need to be followed and also we managed to acquired new friends and partners that showed a great deal of interest in taking part in the next series of events that the project involves. 

The end of the conference was crowed with ovations and encouragements to carry on with the project and to reach our goals.

For more on the topic, please see the attachment that accompanies this document.

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