Drawing your future in nonformal education has begun its workshops!

dvten 1After two days of intensive work at the Students’ House of Culture, Bucharest, we are happy to announce the success we had after sustaining the communication and self –knowledge workshop, for the young participants in the project, as well with our partners from the DGASPC in Bucharest and the representatives of three NGOs , all from Bucharest. In each day of this weekend, we put into practice more than 10 non -formal educational methods and at the end of the day, 6 hours later, we got to know each other and form a united team, ready to accomplish the proposed activities, and to impress us through the exceptional results obtained from the involvement, commitment and enthusiasm displayed. The trainer of this workshop was our President, Vişinel Balan, having next to him senior members of the project: psychologist, Virgil Balan, who will be responsible for tracking the progress of our participants from the first meeting until last day of the project; Larisa Cristea, which will track the way participants collaborate and develop relationships, and the team spirit in meetings, drafting a final report on how the participants performed and reacted towards the workshops; Anca Cujbă coordinator of the involved groups, maintaining regular contact with the participants. Among the methods used we recall: Facebook method, BINGO, the tree method (expressing expectations, personal contributions and fears), simulation games and improvisation. The joy we all felt was when we managed to catch the attention and trigger into the game even the most shy and initially uninterested participants, to be active in activities, from the first moment of the first non-formal educational method. We found out that the institutionalized youth seem to have dreams and can perform them with support and less effort, and do not worry about the job they want to have. Regarding young people from normal families, to our surprise, the responses were mostly: “I still do not know what career I should chose”. Which is the triggering factor of this issue? We hope that during the next meetings to be able to discern the problem and at least for these young participants to solve it. We invite you to join us at our next workshops too, as we look forward to starting them! Next time we meet in the weekend of April 12nd to 13rd. Thank Bucharest Students’ Culture House for hosting the workshop!

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