EDFORSO Youth Center opens its doors!

A project made by the Association “ We Draw your future!”( Desenăm Viitorul Tău)

On January 29th, 2016, at 3pm, the EDFORSO Youth Center was finally launched. The inauguration of this center is a pilot project implemented by the Association “We Draw Your Future” (Desenăm Viitorul Tău). The event took place in Bucharest at the Center’s new location on Academiei Street, no.4.EDFORSO

“Every year, over 2,500 young people leave the social assistance system because what lies within the system’s competence is not applicable. These young people do not live a dignified life. After they leave the social assistance system, nobody knows nothing about them: where they go,  what happens to them.

This is the objective of our EDFORSO Center. We strive to help young people acknowledge and assume their condition by acquiring the necessary skills for an independent life. In this way making sure they know what path to take in life. The Center’s activities are meant to provide young people with a future perspective. They will receive a non-formal education that will help them build a dignified life.” said at the beginning of the event, Visinel Balan, the President of “We Draw Your Future” (Desenăm Viitorul Tău) Association.EDFORSO 1

The Center’s inaugural event was attended by the actor Costel Cascaval, Irma Mărăşescu (representative of BCR and activities sponsor), trainer Mihai Dumitru, Virgil Balan (psychologist), Diana Munteanu (psychotherapist), Association “Future of Youth” and also the president of the Association “Center for Advanced Training” Madalina Moroldo, who stated that:

“Equality means chance. It is unacceptable in the context of contemporary society for these children to be deprived of it.

I have full confidence that EDFORSO center offers the most precious gifts: the gift of freedom and opportunity. “

The Event opened on the music of the vocal and instrumental ensemble Home of Strings. Also present at this event were young people from the Metropolis Foundation and D.G.A.S.P.C. Sector 6, Bucharest but also from Bacau city.

     During the event  Eduard Andrei, trainer of foreign languages at the Center, declared that:

“I believe English has become the equivalent of any other native language. And this is strongly bound with acquiring the necessary skills for an independent life! It is the starting point on a personal and professional level.”

         Friends and other supporters of this project were present at the opening, enjoying the prosperous future of this initiative.

          This pilot project initiated by the Association “We Draw Your Future” (Desenăm Viitorul Tău) was established under the Order No. 14 from January 15th,  2007 for approving the compulsory minimum standards regarding the  Service for developing skills for an independent life and the methodological guide for implementing these standards.

           The youth center came to life with the help offered from our supporters, who over the two-year fundraising campaign, contributed so that this dream could become today a reality.

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