From September 22 until September 25, 2017, we spent a happy and wonderful time with a group of institutionalized children from the St. Joseph Center, from Bucharest, for four days in Vălenii de Munte.

This camp was made possible thanks to our sponsors, to our five volunteer trainers who held training sessions for 10 small children who showed excitement at each and every moment  spent at Valenii de Munte.

On our first day, after a fun trip with the minibus, we arrived at the camp around noon. We had lunch and we took the opportunity to get to know each other better. After lunch we had free time to relax. Then there was a meeting with the trainers. Children actively participated in the games proposed by the volunteer trainers and together they had lots of fun. Afterwards, before dinner, we had a walk exploring the wonderful sites and the nature. The evening ended well after dinner, when we all went to bed tired but excited about everything we lived in one day.

The day began full of energy, with a big breakfast and a hike. This day was really full of activities. Children attended a communication workshop, held by Monica after having lunch and having done their afternoon sleep. Another seminar followed, after a rest, a seminar of personal development through painting, with Gabriela Alba. In the evening, after dinner, we had fun with improvisation and board games. Another special evening ended nicely and productively.

The third day started directly with financial management. How we manage our financial resources after we leave the center. The workshop was held by Visinel Balan. After a heated discussion regarding how to plan our future, it is time to see if we are ready to move into a rent and ensure from our monthly salary the other necessary costs. It was an interactive workshop, according to children who attended: “We liked it very much. It was nice to have money. Too bad they’re not real. Attractive services. And yet we still remain with money in the house. “

During the day, there were trips to explore the area followed by rest and free time and, of course, big meals – we take care of both body and soul.

On our last day, after breakfast, we said our goodbyes from this wonderful place that hosted us and we shared impressions from the camp. We packed our luggage and started all home, happy with the wonderful experience, but also sad for the days that passed too fast.

This camp was made possible with the financial support from beautiful people who support our projects. Thank you for your trust! : *

There were 4 unforgettable days with the little ones from  the St. Joseph  Center of Sector 1 and the trainers who contributed to animate the 4 days. Within the camp we learnt:

– Financial Management, with Visinel Balan;

– Personal development through painting, with Gabriela Alba;

– Communication with Monica;

– Hiking in nature with Bogdan Andrei, Laura Popescu and the owner of Dely-Cios Pension.

We thank everyone for the opportunity offered in developing the  EDFORSO Camp. We prepare for the Walk of Angels, which will take place on December 5, 2017, in front of the National Authority for the Protection of Child’s Rights and Adoption.

Starting October 7, we start our activities at # EDFORSO Center- EDUCATION, TRAINING, SOCIETY!

An entire photo album with the activities of the Camp can be viewed on the official facebook page of the association – click here

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