Visinel (1)mare1“We’ve been created out of LOVE, we answer with LOVE”

We often wonder what our purpose is here on Earth. The moment that I became self aware and acknowledged the people surrounding me I started to love and I strongly believe that nothing is possible in this Universe without LOVE. Maybe what I’m saying sounds utopian, but I believe that once we come into existence in this world we have a very clearly defined role which must be accomplishment. If we don’t realize our own worth here and now we can not enjoy fulfillment, we can only complain and burden others with our misfortune. We have to be the initiators and perpetuators of good deeds and act positively in this Universe. No one can change you, just as you can’t change anyone. You are the only change, through what you do and how you act.

Don’t ever forget to find joy in everything this Universe gives you.


Virgil Gheorghe BalanThinking of the mission of the Association Drawing your future, I like to think that every line, colour, contour, movement of a brush left in a human being’s life met at some point in life, represents a win-win situation.

Our scope in this short life is to leave our mark and give the gift we carry on in our souls, that of LOVE for everything that surrounds ourselves, especially for every creature in our closest proximity.