The opening of the first Youth Center for Institutionalized Youth!

Lansare Centru de Tineret 39On Thursday, the 29th of August 2013 took place the first press conference organized for the opening of the Youth Center for Institutionalized Youth Formation in Bucharest, the first of its kind.

The conference started with a speech by the DVT’s president, Vișinel Costel Balan, who underlined the necessity for the existence of such a center for institutionalized children.

The Youth Center implies a surface of proximately 70 square meters, dedicated to theatre workshops, creative writing, photography, journalism and more. The stated goals are:

–          increasing motivation, personal and professional abilities and the level of knowledge on life management and future planning;

–         offering essential information necessary for the personal development and acquisition of organization skills at the moment of leaving child care homes;

–         increasing the level of awareness on the obstacles that institutionalized children have to face and on the fight against discrimination.

„Our purpose is to offer these youths a new outlook on life, on what is going to happen to them after having left child care homes. It is very important when the moment comes to have something to fall onto. Today’s system doesn’t have the capacity (…) to provide an answer regarding what is going to happen to these children after they leave”, states Vișinel Costel Balan, president of Desenăm Viitorul Tău.

At the moment, with the Center project still in the pilot phase, the members of the association are actively searching for new opportunities to raise the necessary funds for the purpose of establishing a centre dedicated to institutionalized youths. During a period of over two months, Desenăm Viitorul Tau took part in several projects, among which a notable mention is Bursa Binelui (initiated under the kind patronage of BCR and currently ongoing). The details required for making donations were made available on the official websites of DESENĂM VIITORUL TAU or on BURSA BINELUI (campaign by BCR). The goal is to raise approximately 35.000 euro: “we have talked with an architect and promises have been made regarding the possibility of creating this Centre”, according to the president of the association.