Together, we offered a smile orphans in Bucharest and beyond!

Mos Craciun DVT 2014 (80)It is the 3rd day of Christmas…

When we say Christmas, immediately we start to think at Santa Claus – the old grandpa dressed in his beautiful red costume full of all Christmas presents, at the Christmas Tree adornment with the most beautiful Christmas decoration, at the Christmas tablefull of all the goodies prepared by all loved ones – cabbage rolls, sponge cakes …, but beside all of this, Christmas represents the symbol of the Jesus’s birth, the love and hope from people’s heart.

Lately, “We draw your future” association has been involved with all his heart, effort and hope, in the Christmas campaign called “Be Santa Claus for a child who lives in a shelter”.

The campaign was coordinated by Anca Maria Clujba(Coordinator of the Association Volunteers) who managed with all the foundation members to prepare the “Santa’s bag” full of candies and toys in order to give all of these to the needed kids from Bucharest.

We start this campaign with the hope that we will manage to obtain a smile on those beautiful children.  We were very surprised to see that in a short time, people joined our cause and we start to collect many toys, candies, fruits, clothes and even a Christmas Tree.Mos Craciun DVT 2014 (237)

The elves “BCR” , “World Class” (Simona Negrila – therapist at World Class), “Zaher Dass” and many other people who preferred to be anonymous were the people who joined our cause.

Through elves’ help, Santa Claus managed to brig happiness in the kids heart  and lots of kids colored smile.

Seeing all of these, we, “We draw your future” association are Thanking You – the Elves –Nice job you have! …, and, we are telling you a secret, The Santa’s Bag arrived until Giurgiu, Bacau and Calarasi (almost  200 children received the elves presents).

Santa Claus heard that there are living children in big needs who just need a reason to smile. Santa made them a surprise and went there. All the kids were very happy. They played and danced with Santa Clause. (We hope Santa will not see that we reveal a part from his mission there J).

We attached from the personal archive some of the pictures we did there with those little children we just talked about.  Words cannot be said, pictures say everything.  (The pictures are in a general frame respecting the right of children’s protection.)

We wish you to have “Happy Hollidays!” and “Happy New Year!”

May that 2015 brings you too some happiness, cheerful eyes and colored smiles.

We hope you still follows us, because we have many projects for the year that comes.