We’ve made it! We are in the final.

DONEAZA CENTRU DE TINERET ENGWe think that each of us had or has a dream, a dream that we imagine to be real, so real that we can actually see it with our eyes open.
A dream we wish to see in the morning when we wake up rather than when we are asleep during the night.
Like so many other people , The “Desenam viitorul tau” association has a dream: We want to teach all little children, who were abandoned and obliged to live a miserable life, how to be brave and strong and to not be afraid to dream like other people.
We want to start up a new center for young children: EDFORSO. Through this center we want to show and tell children that dreams exist for the purpose of being followed and realized.
We believe in children and we want them to study, to have a carrier, to be ambitious, to be open and to have their own family.
We are kindly asking you for your help in order to accomplish this beautiful dream – to start up a new children’s center.
We are not afraid to follow our dreams, but we know that without your help we will never be able to realize them.
It doesn’t matter how much you donate, we leave it to your soul and heart to decide on it.
If you want to make a donation you can go online to the “https://www.bursabinelui.ro/BursaBinelui/Proiecte/Centrul-de-Tineret-EDFORSO—EDUCATIE-FORMARE-SOCIETATE” web site.
We are very grateful for you support, thanks in advance!

Contact – making event for mobility of youth workers projects – Poland

prezentare-DVT-300x199We have the pleasure to inform you that in the period 20-24 October 2014 The association “We Draw Your Future” was present at the “Contact-making event for mobility of youth workers projects” organized by The National Agency for Erasmus+ from Poland. The purpose of this event was the establishment of new partnerships. More exactly the goal was the improvement of the necessary skills for initiation, preparation, administration and evaluation of youth workers’ mobility projects (from The Action-first key in the Erasmus+ project in the youth field).
The event took place in Konstancin (nearby the city Warsaw) and 16 teens from 10 countries joined in and also 2 trainers: Marcus Vrecer (Austria) and Anna-Sophia Pappai (The National Agency from Poland). Joanna Stompel (junior trainer) was present too in this project. In the first day and in the day before the last one, Karolina Suchecka(the supervisor of projects suggestions KA1-youth) participated in some activities. One of the two Romanian participants was Mariann Kinga ÁrkosI, the programmes and projescts manager from the association”We Draw Your Future”.
The event was an outstanding and a productive one, encouraging the active attending during the entire project. We Draw Your Future was involved in the development and drafting of two project ideas:
1.)one youth workers’ mobility, in partnership with Lamek NGO (Armenia), based on the volunteers’ skills development who work with children and teenagers that are disadvantaged from a social, economic or geographic point of view;
2.)a bilateral project which involves as main activity two exchanges of teens, in partnership with Yozgat Lifelong Learning Association(Turkey). It is based on the theme of artisanal activities and on the traditional symbols that are specific for each country (more precisely based on the social entrepreneurship); the target group are the disadvantaged teenagers (orphans and the ones from countryside).

There are two initiatives which partially advanced through this event from Poland:

-a trilateral youth exchange with Privatissima Educațional Foundation (Armenia) and Society Initiatives Institute (Ukraine). The theme of this exchange is the puppet show;
a multilateral exchange of teens based on the topics of a healthy life style(nutrition,cosmetics,sports) and environmental protection.

The project ideas that are described above were developed taking into consideration the profile of the organizations that were present at this event, the needs of the target group and the ones of DVT volunteers. The advancement of the ideas will continue, further following the recruitment of new partners and the effective writing of the project (meaning filling in the form of projects’ proposals of Action-key 1 of Erasmus+ in youth field). These steps would be achieved with the support of DVT volunteers. It depends on their interest and on how they are separated in different departments.