We’ve made it! We are in the final.

We think that each of us had or has a dream, a dream that we imagine to be real, so real that we can actually see it with our eyes open. A dream we wish to see in the morning when ...

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Contact – making event for mobility of youth workers projects – Poland

We have the pleasure to inform you that in the period 20-24 October 2014 The association “We Draw Your Future” was present at the “Contact-making event for mobility of youth workers projects” organized by The National Agency for Erasmus+ from ...

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raport unicef avocatul poporului 2

Advocating for better conditions in child detention facilities

On the 3rd of July 2014, at the Parliament Palace took place the annual meeting between the Ombudsman, UNICEF, and the representatives of the civil society, due to the project of collaboration (2007-2013) of supervising the compliance of human rights ...

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dvten 1

Drawing your future in nonformal education has begun its workshops!

After two days of intensive work at the Students’ House of Culture, Bucharest, we are happy to announce the success we had after sustaining the communication and self –knowledge workshop, for the young participants in the project, as well with ...

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