Help us grant a new beginning to the lives of children in foster care!

DVT - Povestea mea (54)We are participating in the Kindness Stock Exchange – BCR-S (click here), help us qualify for the next stage! In order to move forward, our goal needs your support also! Millions of people worldwwide are volunteering for different causes, and they all have one thing in common: the desire to get involved. Each of us has decided to change something at some point in their life. At that moment, we have identified with a cause. Join ours now and support the project “My Story Conference” (click here) by donating through the Kindness Stock Exchange. Become part of a young boy or girl’s future!

The Drawing Your Future Association aims to develop a mechanism for consolidating the independent living abilities of institutionalized children. We firmly believe that society can better itself through and with the help of the new generations. We offer everyone the chance to a new perspective on life, the opportunity to know themselves, to evolve, to let their dreams grow stronger than their fears and their actions be stronger than their words. Offer us your help for achieving this goal!DVT - Povestea mea (21)

The Kindness Stock Exchange is a platform which brings together organizations that need support for their projects and those people who wish to invest in good deeds carried out in their communities. Make an investment in the Kindness Stock Exchange for the Drawing Your Future Association’s project ‘My Story Conference’, and you will be the one to contribute to the awareness raising regarding institutionalized children’s futures.

 My Story Conference is a social empowerment endeavour, unique to Romania. We have set ourselves to bring to the forefront life stories of the people who have ’graduated’ from foster homes, in order to create a space for the institutionalized child in the collective psyche, to make him and her more visible and to reduce the stigma placed upon his and her social standing. The social security system in which they live is not efficient in offering them a personal development line. And so, it is our wish that at the ‘My Story’ Conference a great number of institutionalized children over 13 years old take part. We also address it to the ones who have once been raised in a foster home.

For we believe that volunteers are the engine of love!

Orphans holiday!

Copiii in vacantaDo you remember your childhood?

Today, August 8, 2015, We Draw Your Future team along with children from the HOME Center from the METROPOLIS Foundation spent their Saturday in Herastrau Park. What have we done? … Initially we walked by boat then we played and finally at a request of a child we went to a bicycle area. We borrowed a bike for each one and began to roam the park . Vişinel Balan, president of the association, was the instructor for the prevention of accidents, reason why the adventure was even more thrilling. Copiii in vacanta1We realized that we were thirsty and we rushed over a kiosk and served ourselves with ice cream. It was not long and we received, from a group of young people, one free cola :). After 4 hours of adventure in  Herăstrău park, at the children proposal, we retired to KFC.

Feedback from kids: Be sure to organize such trips in the future. We had a good time :).

We promised them that we will organize at least once a month such a trip.

The trip was sponsored by Iulia Lang, a Romanian established in the UK.