DESENĂM VIITORUL TĂU (“Drawing Your Future“) 

is a not-for-profit organization born in 2013
that supports the development of civil society by means of implying various out of the box approaches on education as the synergistic interaction between efficient communication, through the lens of culture – respecting one’s cultural sensitivity and individuality, with an emphasis on critical thinking and last but not least, outdoor activities, nurturing both a curiosity to explore the world and a healthy lifestyle from a young age, providing children with a head start in life.

We are permanently trying to develop new, creative methods to impact various issues from diverse fields of human life, including, but not limited to, harvesting and nurturing public spirit, urging people to get involved in the life of their community from a young age and promoting volunteering in order to create a cohesive, people-centric society, one that is sustainable and respects fundamental human rights and freedoms while encouraging and facilitating a fruitful inter-ethnic and inter-cultural dialogue.

We strongly believe that society can only harmoniously develop by tapping into thecreative force that young people represent. Lateral thinking and a better understanding of one’s culture are of paramount importance in shaping young minds. This kind of worldly knowledge and life skills can’t wholly be assimilated within the confines of school walls, which is precisely why we endorse and initiate projects targeting the young.

Through its dynamic, ever-changing portfolio of projects and initiatives, DVT contributes its part in addressing and combating current issues affecting our society like stereotyping, racism, unemployment and other factors that hinder the organic development of human communities.

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